Center of Expertise in Agrokor

Author: Grigor Ćorić
Certified SAP Solution Manager Consultant
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Serving  one of the largest businesses in CEE region, with several companies in diversified sectors, Agrokor group’s IT department is faced with a challenge of supporting the company in it’s fast business growth by provision of excellentt IT services. Knowing that such vision will not become a reality without utilization of proven tools, in January 2009. Agrokor company started a project to establish a service organization to support existing and future SAP landscapes and base it’s services on tools and functionalities built in SAP Solution Manager 7.01.

One of the first and important outcomes of the project was clearly defined mission of the newly established CCoE and expressed vision of it’s position in the company. Besides establishing the support organization itself, in the scope of the project was also implementation of Service Desk  and SLM (Service Level Measurement) functionalities and their introduction in three companies (Konzum, Agrokor and Dijamant in Serbia) and implementation of Change Request Management (ChaRM) and it’s introduction in one firm (Agrokor). Also, the project goal was to establish a framework for further roll-outs in other firms or SAP landscapes. Finally, the whole project aimed at a certification of Centre of Expertise at SAP. And it hit the target!

Implementation details

With a help of experienced consultants implementation was fast and smooth. Being determined to use all available features built into Solution Manager 7.0 EHP1 Agrokor ICT was able to further enrich the implemented functionalities. Thus the service teams got the possibility to use the solution database powered by TREX, Solution Manager Workcenters make the end user’s access to the application easier and e-mail notification built into Service Desk and ChaRM functionalities enables service and support organization to act fast and efficient. Another specifics of this project was the implementation of VAR (Value Added Resellers) Service Desk, which was required for Agrokor ICT to be able to provide services to other customers. All this required a solid base configuration in Solution Manager, like systems and solutions management, monitoring and installed base management. Solution Manager landscape was adapted to the requirements of the implementation, with two separated systems (development-testing and production) in the landscape, enabling “promote-to-production” implementation strategy. The whole picture became even more complex by introduction of additional ChaRMsimulation and testing landscape consisted of four clients, built into development-testing system.

As Solution Manager Implementation functionalities had already been in use for other projects in Agrokor group, each step in SAP CCoE project implementation is documented and all configuration documentation is stored in Solution Manager, making it easier to access and maintain it.

Going Live and rollouts

In June 2009. a Service Desk functionality was successfully launched in three firms. Four months later Agrokor d.d. started to use ChaRM and shortly after that Service Level Management was introduced in service organization. In less than a year Agrokor’s ICT was equipped with all the necessary tools for monitoring and managing daily operations in SAP environments, having a solid ITIL-based foundation for a successful, customer oriented service organization. As a result of the whole effort, Center of Expertise Primary certification in February 2010 came as a proof that SAP users in Agrokor group,more than 1000 of them, are supported by functional and technical experts, capable to to provide services with the highest possible satisfaction to the customer.

This lead to the most important benfit: savings achieved by the CCoE certification justified the implementation cost in one year! Other benefits included access to SAP online knowledge products for CCoE members and increased priority of support messages sent to SAP.

Further steps

In parallel with the implementation of SAP ERP in Tisak, one of the companies within Agrokor group, service desk was rolled out in the company. As there was a roadmap for rollouts already available in Solution Manager (created as a part ofCCoE project), the complete rollout, including trainings for members of support organization, was done in several days. That way the ERP implementation team could start using implementation, testing and service desk functionalities from the very beginning of the project for easier identifying, tracking and solving issues.

ChaRM will be extended as well, with Global Developments and Retrofit functionalities, enabling Agrokor ICT to simplify and standardize change processes within the group.
By expanding the set of used functionalities to Maintenance optimizer for planning and conduction upgrades and patches and SMD for monitoring performances of both ABAP and Java systems, in less than two years Agrokor ICT and it’s SAP Center of Expertise built a set of valuable tools for routine day-to-day operations as well as complex system changes, for both technical and business people. Although Solution Manager already became the core of SAP operations in Agrokor group (it is even used as a Central User Administration system), implementation of other functionalities (Business Process Monitoring, job management etc.) is planned. And we’re looking forward to Solution manager 7.1, scheduled for next year, being ready to explore all the benefits built into new release.




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