The customers interested in creations of its own CHARM reports, can find  in this article useful information about the Transport Request (TR) and its related Transport of Copies (ToC). This article consists of the CHARM's source tables and  many other resourceful  information related to this subject.

In the table name  /TMWFLOW/TRORDHC you can find relationships  between the transport request (TR) and its last Transport Of Copies (ToC), but other belongings ToC┬┤s you can find in the table /TMWFLOW/TRORDHT.


From the above example, the depicted table has TR (SM4K900518) with its own ToC and it will be in the field name of TRORDER_COPY. The field TRFUNCTION could be either 'W' or 'T' (there are a lot of others  possibilities),  where W is for customizing TR and is for ToC

In the DESCRIPTION  filed of the  table /TMWFLOW/TRORDHT  -  you can set corresponding TR like is depicted in the picture below:


And the result will be :


Which means that TR SM4K900518  had two ToC`s (SM4K900520, SM4K900521)

Please do not use /TMWFLOW/TRORDCP as it is only designed for ToC for sandbox system!


The table /TMWFLW/TRORDHC is  a place where you will get information about all ToC`s,  but in the direct relationship you will get just  the TR  with its last ToC.  Trough the DESCRIPTION filed  you will be able to make other TR - ToC`s relationships, therefore TRORDHC is the main table from where you will get necessary info for this reporting output.

One thing that should be stress out here is the STATUS filed of the table TRORDHC. This filed should be updatedby reporting bgd job /TMWFLOW/CMSSYSCOL2. To have your custom report up to date and if the ToC's STAUS  filed important for the report,  then  should be better to update this filed from the table /TMWFLOW/TRACK, because this tables has immediate update tp command is over!






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