Signavio GmbH Berlin/DE


LifeLine Consulting has recently become a partner with Signavio, a Berlin- and Silicon Valley-based software vendor in the Business Process Management (BPM) space. Signavio provides a professional software for modeling and analyzing collaborative business processes design.

Its main product, the Signavio Process Editor is a web-based business process-modeling tool, launched in May 2009 and offers a full range of functions and serves as an operative platform to include all process stakeholders in business process management.

The product enables the creation of process diagrams using the Business process Model and Notation and it is available as Software as a Service  (SaaS) and as well for On-Premise installations.


In this partnership , we deliver stress-free BPMN consulting, first-class consulting support and provide training throughout using Signavio Process Editor. 

Our consulting is customized to meet your business needs in the best possible way. We pride ourselves on offering our clients a carefully chosen mix of products that deliver value and help them meet their IT goals in order to cut costs and increase efficiency in their own business environment.





IBIS Prof. Thome AG Wuerzburg/DE


IBIS Prof. Thome AG, based in Wuerzburg, Germany was founded in 1994 and supports a wide variety of research and development projects, with a primary focus on SAP software and the tools and methods needed to successfully implement SAP Solutions.

IBIS is the recognized leader in Reverse Business Engineering (RBE), providing licensed Tools and Services for RBE Plus analysis to SAP customers world-wide. IBIS Prof. Thome’s primary goal is to develop and improve the methods, software tools and services necessary to continually enhance the integration of organization and information processing.







Avtenta Education Center Ljubljana/SLO 


The Avtenta Education Center is a top-level Slovenian provider of education in the field of information and communication technologies. Avtenta performs a wide range of education programs under MicrosoftCisco Systems and SAP licences. Education takes place in the form of lectures, courses or workshops. The contents cover areas of operating systems, servers, data systems, information security, telecommunication services, ITIL and application programs. Avtenta's education programs are led by top-level, internationally renowned experts distinguished by their profound theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience. In Avtenta authorized training center clients are prepared for internationally recognized Microsft exams in order to achieve certificates of achievement.

Avtenta education center is the only authorized center in Slovenia that organizes SAP standard education trainings.



From 2016 LifeLine Consulting is official SAP partner . 






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